Building Bridges

TjuAzTw2vP7uCCpl7XhYPEYxSt-AjAHn734HT-HYRvgI’m a life-long management consultant who’s lived inside many organizations as a close advisor to senior executives.  I’ve traveled the world and enjoyed so many adventures along the way. This is my blog  where I will share stories, opinions and pictures about my five passions:

My Work:  I care deeply about the people inside businesses and have been working on helping companies  become more hospitable to humans.

My City. I love New York City and have a deep affection for the new World Trade Center. To me, it symbolizes everything I strive to be in my own life — strong, powerful, graceful and independent (yes, an independent building).

My People. My family, friends and colleagues bring me joy each and every day.

Travel. My passion for travel and scuba diving grows stronger each year as I adventure to more and more beautiful dive spots around the world.

Food and Cooking. I love to cook and entertain and feel  we all need to get back to basics when it comes to what and how we eat.

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