Around the World #3

Bags are packedIt’s just a few days before I head out on another adventure. A little over a year ago today, I decided to abandon the safety and security of a full-time job and start my consultancy, Two Rivers Partners. You can read about it here What a year it’s been! Aside from the last 30 days, I’ve been busier than I’d ever imagined; it only slowed when August rolled around. I am incredibly thankful for my half-time retainer with the National Organization on Disability (NOD) which I’ve had for over a year old now and am about to renew for another year. While I may not make as much money on this client, given the 40% discounted “low bono” rate I’ve established for them, I am overpaid in terms of satisfaction and sense of purpose. NOD was founded by a man who was paralyzed after a diving accident. Now deceased, Alan Reich was a father of four, Dartmouth grad and successful businessman. NOD helps businesses create organizational readiness to recruit, hire, develop and retain people with disabilities. Apparently, 80% of the 56 million people with disabilities who want to work, are not employed. This matters not because it’s just wrong but because corporations are suffering major talent shortages and are just not able to tap this pool of qualified labor. So, my work with NOD contributes to this mission and I couldn’t be prouder. I do it in honor of Cathy, my “step-Aunt” who worked her entire life with Downs and my Aunt Bootsie who worked in a bank despite her hearing impairment.  NOD keeps me engaged and working and presents the challenge of only having to sell the other 50% of my time. And, when I don’t feel like selling that time, I can enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle.

One of the reasons I went out on my own was so that I could travel the world. When January clicked around and I’d been working about six days a week, I thought to myself, “well, I’d better plan a trip.” So, I booked my third Around the World ticket which will go something like this:

  • Two nights in Paris, visiting dear friends
  • Four nights in Marrakech where I’ll buy a rug to replace my cat-puke stained bedroom rug
  • Four nights in Cape Town that will include great white shark cage diving, hiking in Tstisikama, game reserves and sleeping in a luxury tent
  • Two nights in Fiji where I’ll meet up with my dive boat buddies (I only know one of them)
  • Ten nights on the MV Bilikini live-aboard in the Solomon Islands where we’ll do 4-5 dives per day
  • Five nights sleeping in a flat-bed on a plane, reading, entertaining, and disconnecting
  • Time to just be present in the moment and also reflect on how I want to build my business

Admittedly, I’m no backpacker – I’ve booked business class and five-star hotels (using miles!) and hired tour guides – I am a 50-something adventurer who’s squeezing all she can out of life! Deciding to remain childless has its perks, especially when blessed with three fabulous nephews and one very special niece.

I’ve shipped my dive gear to Fiji and managed to get 16 days of “stuff” in carry on, determined to avoid long luggage delays and possible lost luggage.

I’ll be blogging during my trip, so stay tuned. I hope you’ll follow my adventures.

Bon Voyage to me!

I’m gonna miss this sweet girl, though. Sam the Cat

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