#Diveforpeace — Day 1

Kona Aggressor II ready to go.

Kona Aggressor II ready to go.

Divers Log – Day 1.

I boarded the Kona Aggressor II last night, got to know some of my fellow passengers, and went to bed early. It seems that two of the seven nights are spent on the mooring line in the Kailua Kona harbor. The dive sites are not too far off shore so I won’t be getting that “far out in the middle of the ocean” feel; but that’s OK. The diving is supposed to be super. They say they’ve spotted whales recently. Fingers crossed!

The crew seems great – seven of them to ten passengers! Must be some training going on. People who do this for a living are motivated by a love of the sea. These guys (and gal) live on the boat and some don’t even venture onto land for months at a time. Had I discovered this career path earlier in life, I just might have gone that direction myself.

I am a little bummed all the passengers are American; in fact I travelled the farthest to get here. One of the things I’ve loved about my trips to Thailand and the Great Barrier Reef was being the minority and meeting people from all ends of the globe. So, this will be different; four couples and two singles (the lone guy’s wife doesn’t share his love of diving).

IMG_6760#diveforpeace is my desire to bring about change in myself that might help me help change our crazy world. This starts with a daily reflection of gratitude. All my life, I’ve been the “glass half empty” sort who normally wakes up on the wrong side of the bed. I’ve always worn those traits proudly, but it hit me the other day that constant consumption and regurgitation of negative news is unhealthy and most likely annoying. While I do not intend to avoid it forever, because we all have to stay informed and be in the conversation, I’m taking a break. Remember? No more political posts.

Back to gratitude. I am grateful that my life has pretty much been without struggle. Losing my Dad to Alzheimer’s is probably the worst thing that’s ever happened to me. I am frustrated by the fact that I have yet to meet my soul mate, my one true love. Even with that, life is full of riches – friends, adventures, opportunities and lots of wonderful little things along the way.
So, #diveforpeace starts today and Captain has just pulled out of the harbor.

Dive 1: Saw a spotted Eagle Ray
Dive 2: Saw and Octopus
Dive 3: A manta ray just cruised by! Will post video
Dive 4: Just a beautiful smooth dive
Dive 5: Swim with Mantas. OMG. There were so many of them and despite getting banged around in the surf and rocks, it was magical. They are playful creatures.

Peace, love and happiness. Aloho till tomorrow.


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