#diveforpeace – Day 5

Spotted Eagle Ray

Spotted Eagle Ray

#diveforpeace – Divers Log

Today the weather is much better. Splash at 8 am for a pretty dive and again at the same site at 10:30. It’s really amazing how the same dive site changes from one dive to the next. The second dive we were visited twice by a gorgeous Spotted Eagle Ray. These are the most graceful creatures in the sea.

Dive 1, 8am — lovely mellow dive
Dive 2, 10:30 am – amazing dive on the same spot. Swam with Spotted Eagle Ray.
Dive 3, 2pm — Beautiful dive at a sit rightfully called The Aquarium. So many beautiful little fish, including this flounder. Flounder are flat with both eyes on one side and they change colors to camouflage themselves. IMG_7078

Dive 4, 4:30 pm — Eel point dive. Was nice. Cold. Nothing special
Dive 5, 7:30 pm — We took another run at the manta rays!!!! It paid off. Was so much better than the first night. Just a light surge. So many Manta’s and some of these were HUGE!


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