#diveforpeace – Day 6 (last day)

The Dive Deck where we suited up 5X per day for 6 days.

The Dive Deck where we suited up 5X per day for 6 days.

#diveforpeace – Divers Log

It’s the last day on the boat. We’ll do two dives this morning and then back to the dock where we’ll have a barbecue lunch on the sun deck and then all go out for dinner on the town somewhere.

I wrote that as the day started and now we’re all off the boat. Here is what I’d say about this liveaboard:

There were lots of issues with the boat, but my Navy Dive Buddy tells me very boat just out of dry dock has issues.

This was just the beginning.

This was just the beginning.

We had one bad weather day that caused us to lose three dives (out of 27). To be honest, I think we were all relieved. It happened the day after we were all banged up pretty bad by the first Manta dive. The bar opened at 3pm and it turned out to be a day and night of great, crazy fun!

The Captain, while a really great guy, was on his last trip and was a tad disgruntled. He is a really cool guy but it was for sure time for him to move on, which he has and is now on a plane to Florida to upgrade his Captain’s license and reunite with his girlfriend. That’s nice.


Having said all that:

There were 10 divers on the boat, and we were all pretty much matched perfectly. In and out of the water with ease, no one got lost, no one had any issues. It really was a perfect group to dive with.

Everyone got along incredibly well and I think we all genuinely liked each other. No one complained about anything. Everyone went with the flow when things went wrong.

There were tons of laughs. A lot of teasing and joking. What can I say, everyone seemed happy each and every day.

The crew members were fantastic – I really do not know how they do it. They don’t get a day off and they do it all. They live on the boat and have to me “on” 5.5 days out of every week.

My Dive Buddy, Jason

My Dive Buddy, Jason

My dive buddy, Jason is Naval officer who lives on Oahu with his family. Such a nice guy and a perfect dive buddy. When you dive alone, it’s a bit of a crapshoot in terms of who you end up being paired with. This one couldn’t have been a better fit. We hung out today watching the Army-Navy game and thankfully his team won. When you finish a trip like this, there’s always a sad feeling. I miss the rhythm and flow of five-dive days, I miss being barefoot 24X7 with no makeup or hair done. You go from an amazing social, outdoors experience back to reality. So, it was nice to have a person to hang with as I make this transition.

My only regret is not heading home tonight. I called American Airlines but there’s no way for me to get out early, so I’ll have to make the best of another 24 hours of vacation; damn.



I am grateful for the chance to bond with strangers. From the amazing Captain Chris who fights for our oceans to Cherry Sue

Cherry Sue

Cherry Sue

whose likely a Trump supporter but is a wonderful person. I learned that although you may not agree with another’s point of view, there’s more to life than politics Sure, we all care for our own issues and sure we want to fight for what we think is right. But, intolerance is a sickness. I took a week off from politics and I must say, it felt great. I think I need to take a permanent break and post judiciously on topics that divide us. That will be my commitment beyond this week.

Tomorrow I head home and “dive” back into work. This trip should sustain me for a long time.

Hui Hou (until we meet again) Hawaii. Hui Hou my newfound friends.


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