SUP in the morning

SUP in the morning

December 5, 2015, Kona Hawaii

I’ve been here for three days and just can’t believe how beautiful it is here. Yesterday I took a 9.5 hour tour of the entire island. It has a mix of desert, farmland, rain forest, volcano, lava fields, black sand beaches, white sand beaches and green sand beaches. It has the southernmost spot in the US. It has natives, called Hawai’ians, locals (Filipinos, Japanese, whites and others). It is the United States of America, yet it feels like a foreign land.

Let me start by saying that today I pledged to not post about politics for the entire trip. In fact, I plan to write a blog post every day that starts with what I am grateful for and then I’ll share the many adventures that await me on my seven-night Kona Aggressor II dive trip.

Before I start I want to explain what’s motivated this.

I am brokenhearted by all of the gun deaths in this country and how helpless I feel. I give $25/month to the Sandy Hook Promise and just gave $1,000 to Americans for Responsible Solutions, a PAC formed by Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly. I also vowed an additional $100 each time I slip and post politics or make a complaint. So, I am sure there are many of my conservative (and liberal for that matter) friends just waiting to trip me up! Bring it on!

Here’s the deal:

1. Politics: we have a number of men and 1 woman (and her name ain’t Hillary) running for the highest office in the land who are hate mongers. The rhetoric and stupidity coming out of the mouths of the likes of Trump, Carson, Fiorina, Christie, Cruz, Rubio, Huckabee must stop. They inflame the “right to lifers,” they create bigotry and hatred and they claim to be God-loving, God-fearing. But they are not, they are as bad as the terrorists doing jihad in the name of religion. These people must be stopped.

2. Guns. Why do people need war-grade weapons? Why do gun dealers sell guns to just anyone? Why do we have a gun-loving mentality? Why are people afraid of the Government? Why do people with guns kill innocent people (children)? I cannot get my head around this. But, we must end this violence.

3. Climate. We are destroying our planet. I am about to spend 7 days under the sea marveling at mother nature’s unending love for us. But why don’t we love her back? I hope that we start to reverse the spiral of disaster we are in.

So, those are my three big political issues. Last election they were 1) civil rights — the right marry anyone you want to, 2) stem cell research — I do not want to get Alzheimer’s, and 3) A woman’s right to choose — get the fuck out of my uterus. Luckily we are well on our way to solving #1. As for #2, I’ll take my chances and have resolved to live the best life I can. Number 3, well I won’t need to choose anymore and while I demand that every woman have that right, it has to move to the back burner.

I have the best life. I am healthy, I have plenty of money, I have great work and great friends, a wonderful family. Wow, how lucky am I? So, for this week, while I’m on the boat, I plan to fill up the “Travel” tab of this site, so long ignored, with my stories of my underwater adventures. Each day, I will also practice gratitude – I’ll start each day thinking about this great life of mine, and acknowledging my many fortunes. I figure I need a break. I do not want a digital detox, but I do need to get away from all the bad news. I need peace. So, that’s it, no more politics, no more complaints, just peace, love and happiness. Stay with me while I #diveforpeace!

The boat flag on my  Great Barrier Reef trip.

The boat flag on my Great Barrier Reef trip.


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