Happy Birthday, Happy Father’s Day, Dad

dinneroutThis weekend my brothers and I gathered with family to celebrate our Dad’s life (it was also his birthday and of course, Father’s Day). The trip started with a visit to his grave – a beautiful tribute to my Dad and a harsh reminder of the cost of war.

My brothers Dave and Rob, Rob’s wife Karen, my Dad’s wife Debbie and her Mom, Mary and sister, Michelle and I went to my Dad’s favorite restaurant, Old Anglers Inn to celebrate his life. The restaurant, despite its beautiful setting has gone downhill, but that didn’t matter. We had a lovely time sharing stories, debating some of the facts of his life and really just enjoying each other’s company.

My Dad suffered the devastation of Alzheimer’s disease, a cruel and unforgiving thief. Despite that, my Dad built this family of mine, which is truly like a great bottle of wine that just gets better with age. My dad, among his many accomplishments brought the Hefferlys and Biesenbachs together, a joined family I affectionately call the B’efferlys.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads and grandpas out there. Continue building strong families!

On behalf of the B’efferly family.


A night out with Dad at Old Anglers Inn, Potomac MD (circa 2006)

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